How Google Adwords Work

How Google Adwords Works?

Do you have an online store or a presentation website, but no Clients?

I have good news and bad news:

The bad news is: Clients will not magically appear – if the website is not advertised, people will not be able to find you.

The good news is: I will show you the quickest method of attracting prospective Clients on your website.

More than 60% of Clients get information from Google before acquiring a product or services, therefore we should have the website displayed among the results of this search engine.

The fastest advertising method in Google is represented by Adwords, which allows us to immediately display Ads on the results page.

Where do the paid-by-click Ads appear, in Google?
The Ads appear on the upper part of the page (4 Ads) and on the bottom part (3 Ads).
The paid-by-click Ads are marked accordingly (Ads) and they appear on all the Google results adwords specialist

What do you gain by using Adwords ?
1 – visibility, as soon as the Campaign begins
2 – visitors who are interested in your products or services
3 – you will be able to sell right now, regardless of how old your website is
4 – possibility for accurate measurement, through Google Analytics
5 – popularity for your brand, through Display campaigns, through which we can display advertising banners on websites within the Google network

How much does the advertising via Google Adwords cost?

We only pay the interaction of the visitor with our Ads. In other words, we only pay for the clicks, not for the display as well. After the respective visitor clicks on our Ad, he gets directed to your website.
Basically, comparing this to a physical trading space, you will only pay rent when a prospective Client walks into your store, not when someone passes by it.
We set a daily budget, which will be consumed only depending on the value of the clicks obtained.

Why should you choose our services?
1 – We are a partner agency of Google Adwords, we have more than 350 companies from different fields of activity in our portfolio
2 – We design the advertising strategy through Adwords – should it be a new account, and we optimize the existing campaigns
3 – We analyze the best advertising opportunities for your business so that we get more Clients
4 – We make sure that the budget allocated for the campaigns is correctly directed, so that you will get the best profitability out of your investment in online advertising through Adwords
5 – We offer consultancy on the optimization of the homepage within the website
6 – We manage your campaign in order to continually improve it
7 – We optimize the conversion rate of visitors into Clients
8 – Complete and transparent report

Do you want performance online advertising, which will bring you Clients, or do you want the optimization of an existing campaign, which will bring you more profit? Reach out right now and ask for details regarding the services of our Google Adwords specialists!